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Radio Hospitals Blackburn registered charity No. 703165

Presenters Role

We are on the look out for potential presenters to fill daytime/evening hours to suit the volunteers time they can give.

There is only limited live shows during the day, a lot is pre recorded. It would be great

to fill the time with live presenters. Training will be at a time that is suitable to both new volunteers and trainers, the process can take 3-6 months on average, sometimes longer. Please keep this in mind before volunteering.

There are a number of tasks a presenter will normally undertake at RHB. The main one of course is presenting a show on air. Other rolls include:

        i) Assisting with Requestline. This is our flagship show which is on air every evening.

It will require someone visiting the wards collecting requests from patients if the request collector is unavailable.

        ii) Fundraising. RHB is a self funded charity and has to be able to raise funds for

equipment, maintenance, licensing, music and many other things. Most of the funds are collected by donations but there will be times that it isn’t enough.

       iii) Training. Assisting new volunteers with training. Please note that a presenter will not be able to present their own show until full training is complete, they will however be able to present Requestline as part of their training.

        iv) When training is complete and a presenter has settled into their roll they may if they wish, join the committee to assist in the day to day running of RHB. Most of the

committee is decided on at our AGM which is held in November but there is an opt on

system that will allow anyone to join the committee any time if they wished to.

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