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Radio Hospitals Blackburn registered charity No. 703165


RHB is always looking for ways to raise money to fund the charity. Sponsoring a show or even the station is a good way for RHB to give back to the sponsor by way of creating a promo jingle which is played regularly throughout the day for 12 months.

To enquire about/become a sponsor of RHB please email your details to:


We have a vacancy for a new Station Sponsor.


When sponsoring a show we will produce a show promo which will be played at random intervals 24 hours a day for 12 months.

We will also include your details on this page with a link to your website.


When sponsoring the station there will only be 1 sponsor so this will be exclusive.

We will produce a station promo which will be played on the hour every hour, 24 hours a day for 12 months.

We will also include your details on this page and our home page with a link to your website.

The hospital has about 550 beds, 500 of which can receive Radio Hospitals Blackburn.

Each bed has a new patient on average every 2.5 days, that is 3 patients per bed per week.

We will be able to reach a potential audience up to 6000 patients a month Our listening hours are around 8000 per month,.

Broadcasting on the internet over 12 months 2015-2016 we have had over 28,000 unique listeners in 193 countries,

8000 of which have been listening for longer than 5 minutes.

We have reached an audience of up to 80,000 listeners within the hospital and on the internet combined.

The Rhythm Of Life with John Shepherd is sponsored by Lodge Bank Garage.

Taylor street, Darwen.

Providing specialist repairs for the Volkswagen group plus repairs, servicing and MOT’s on all makes of cars.



DD Fire Alarms Blackpool sponsors RHB. Providing all your fire protection safety needs, including installation of fire alarm systems; servicing and maintenance; fire extinguisher service and installation; training and many other fire protection services.


HRB_DD Fire Alarms_Mixed.mp3


Party Classics with Dave Peacock is sponsored by DB Development Solutions, providers of bespoke business software.